Society of Indian Psychologists

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ARTICLE I: Name of the Corporation 
1.01 Name of the Corporation
1.02 Mission Statement

ARTICLE II:  Membership
2.01 Membership
2.02 Application for Membership
2.03 Membership Rights & Responsibilities
2.04 Resignation of Membership
2.05 Removal from Membership
2.06 Membership Dues  

ARTICLE III:  Executive Committee and Officers
3.01 Election and term of Office
3.02 President
3.03 Past President
3.04 President Elect
3.05 Treasurer
3.06 Secretary
3.07 Student Affiliate
3.08 Newsletter Editor
3.09 Member – Officers
3.10 Office Resignation

ARTICLE IV: Meetings
4.01 Meetings
4.02 Notice of Meetings
4.03 Quorum
4.04 Voting

ARTICLE V:  Standing Committees
5.01 Standing Committees

ARTICLE VI: Amendments of By-Laws
6.01 Amendments of By-LawsType your paragraph here.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Society of Indian Psychologists is to provide an organization for Native American indigenous people to advocate for the mental well-being of Native peoples by increasing the knowledge and awareness of issues impacting Native mental health.

Our Goals:

Our main goal is to come together as Native psychologists who work in support of professionals, researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students. As a community, we share ideas, disseminate knowledge and new information relevant to Native People. United by a common core of values, we seek to be a resource for our respective communities by increasing the knowledge and awareness of issues impacting Native mental health.Type your paragraph here.

Society of Indian Psychologists
By-Laws (UpdatEd July 2018)

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