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Mentorship Chair: Anita Mihecoby, PhD
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Hello Relatives!

I​ am​ Anita Mihecoby, a Comanche tribal member, an early career California licensed psychologist in private practice, and the new SIP Mentorship Program Chair. Mentorship is a vital key to professional success and feeling supported through your academic journey and early career. I know the value of my mentors throughout my journey and continue to seek avenues for mentorship. I participated in APA’s Div. 17 Counseling Psychology 2013 Leadership Academy and had the opportunity to benefit from an organized mentorship program.  I am also a member of R2G (Reservation to Graduation) and enjoy the Indigenous culture tailored program since 2015. My goal is to offer my experience and value for positive relationships to ​strengthen our SIP community, ​pipeline, and move forward in a good way!

If you are interested in mentorship or honoring us with your wisdom as a mentor, please fill out an application on the SIP website to get started! 

NOTE: The process to connect Mentors and Mentees has already begun. If you missed this cycle, you can still complete an application and the mentoring committee will contact you with further instructions. Thank you!

Mentorship enrollment & participation requires completion of the mentorship program application. 

So, let's get started . . .

SIP Mentoring Program General Information

Eligibility:  SIP membership

Membership costs:  Student: $10 annually  |  Professionals: $50 annually

Mentee: Anyone who can benefit from a SIP professional mentor including undergraduate/graduate students and early career professionals.

 Participation requires:  Monthly Mentorship Video Chats
                                      2-Mentee Webinars
                                      Attend SIP Retreat & Conference Mentorship Activities
August:                 Recruitment
September:           Mentorship Match
October-May:        3-Scheduled Mentorship Video Chats

                              2 Mentee webinars
June:                     SIP Retreat & Conference Mentorship Activities