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Thinking about going to Standing Rock Reservation?
BE ADVISED . . . The NO DAPL Native encampments and surrounding areas can be extremely hostile places. The NO DAPL crisis is very serious and the stakes are very high. This is NOT a place for spectators, well-wishers, or those with sympathetic or even good intentions.

WINTER IS HERE . . . The Dakotas are known for extreme cold and harsh weather conditions. The tensions in the encampments are also known to be extremely high and several people have been and may yet be subject to physical harm and violence. You would also be on the side of the issue that is in conflict with the State of North Dakota and other civil and law enforcement authorities.

Know Before You Go . . .
Your ability to provide your own camping gear, food, and other supplies is also critical. Please do not expect that you will be provided for if you just show up. Sometimes, the better part of valor is simply staying out of the way or helping from afar unless you are well enough equipped with supplies and experience to brave the inhospitable conditions. If you decide not to go, prayers are always powerful medicine wherever they come from! So, if going to Standing Rock is not for you, send prayers!

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10 TIPS for showing up in solidarity

​Sincere appreciation to Dr. Adrienne Keene of Native Appropriations,
​Amnesty International USA, Sacred Stone Camp, & Standing Rock Solidarity Network for this much-needed resource! If you or someone you know is going to Standing Rock, please heed these tips seriously. #StandingRock #NoDAPL

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Society of Indian Psychologists

Communications Timeline with APA

The following timeline relates to correspondence SIP has had with APA in entreating their support for the ongoing inhumare issues occuring at Standing Rock.